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It's play time!

It's play time!

The BIG launch! The new-look "Go Places to Play" is here - an online park finder that makes it easy for you and your family to enjoy fun and exciting play opportunities in and around Bristol.

We've recently redesigned for Bristol City Council so that it not only looks better than before but it works better. "Go Places to Play" is now even more intelligent so that you can find parks and play areas far more quickly and efficiently. We understand that you live busy lives and need information at your fingertips - wherever you may be. The site is now responsive so it is easy to use on smartphones, tablets and laptops. This means you can quickly  find your nearest park when you're out and about. You can click on map points to get further information about the park or site you are interested in, or you can use the postcode search to bring up sites in your area.

The online calendar means you can search for local events that suit your requirements and interests. You'll be provided with results if you search using a relevant keyword, or you can find something more specific using the handy advanced search which allows you to search by event type, location and distance from your chosen postcode.

There are also some great ideas for play featuring tips and suggestions from our Play friends and partners - a particularly good resource for the school holidays. Plus, our brand new FAQs section answers many of the common questions we get asked.

As before the option is there to register as an event organiser which means you can upload your own events to feature on the events calendar. Once approved you will see them published.

People like to feel as though they are a part of a website and the 'community' that use it. Interaction is key so if you find something you like on Go Places to Play you can "Share with a friend". Regular news updates also ensure that everybody is on top of all that's going on. It's a site that seems to have people talking, if you want to be a part of the excitement please like the Go Places to Play Facebook page here: or better still, go and check out the site to see for yourself!

Royal wedding or digital death?

Royal wedding or digital death?

I know, I know, I know. Not a very original theme for a blog article. Here at Focus Towers it feels like everyone's going unreasonably nuts for the forthcoming nuptials.

Don't get me wrong, I'm thrilled to bits about the extra bank holiday, but that's about as far as it goes.

2 billion people across the globe will tune in in some way to watch the ceremony, it's reckoned, making it possibly the biggest media event in history. 

Googling anything to do with weddings that day? Good luck! You're not likely to get anything useful. Top search terms are reckoned to be 'royal wedding stream online' and variations around that theme.

What's really striking though is that this is the first truly digital event of its kind. Charles and Di in '83 may have attracted some attention, but this time, it'll be more a case of trying to escape it! 

Of the 2 billion (!) people estimated to be watching across the globe, an estimated 400 MILLION will stream the content online. 400 million. That's about six times the population of the UK, kids.

The royal family may have managed to turn down B Sky B's request to film the event in 3D (I kid you not), but they can't stop the hoards all trying to get their little bit of the magic digitally. Will the internet fall over? Who knows? Good luck servers across the globe!

I won't be watching online. I won't be watching on TV. I'll be on a beach on the south coast somewhere hopefully. But the thing is, I'll have my iPhone with me for sure. And Twitter. And Facebook. And the Royal Wedding digitally, in the palm of my hand. Looks like I might be getting involved, after all...

Mike hits Oz and New Zealand

Mike making friendsSo the adventures of founder Mike Newing and his amazing round the world adventures continue.

Mike and Lynne headed north up Australia's east coast with trips to the Blue Mountains, Sydney (controversially described as "a bit of an urban sprawl"), Port MacQuerie (dolphins everywhere), Byron Bay (rain, rain) and Brisbane (more rain). After an emotional goodbye with some of the locals (see pic), it was time to catch the short flight to Auckland and head for the great outdoors of New Zealand.

NZ has taken the breath away with it's lakes, mountains, wildlife and a close encounter with a whale and despite some fairly wet weather, they're loving it. Although Lynne banned Mike from attending an international cricket match he wanted to go to.

Next stop Fiji, then Singapore, then.....errr....Heathrow......


Simon Newing

Created on Tuesday March 10 2009 04:13 PM

Tags: fun holidays travelling

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Mike heads off.......

Plush New SE Asia HQ.As some of you may know, founder of FNM Mike Newing has recently started his trip of the Far East and the Pacific that won't see him return to the UK until mid April.

Currently sweltering in forty degree heat, we've heard he and wife Lynne can't help but raise a little smile at the thought of us buried under a bit of snow.

After a short stay in Hong Kong they're now just outside Sydney and have stays in New Zealand, Fiji and Singapore to look forward to. Yes, makes you sick doesn't it.

However Mike's already keen on the idea of a Hong Kong office and sent us the following photo as evidence that he's found the ideal location.

More news and photos no doubt to come.

Simon Newing

Created on Thursday February 05 2009 05:21 PM

Tags: fun fun holidays travelling

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