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Are you keeping track of your web site enquiries?

This week my eyes have been opened as to how poorly it appears some businesses appear to be monitoring enquiries sent through their web site.

As things are growing rapidly here at Focus I've been seeking a new supplier for some financial related services. On Tuesday night (the 1st September) I made three enquiries to Bristol based businesses that provide exactly the thing I'm looking for - through the 'Enquiry / Contact Us' forms on their web site (because a) it was 10pm, and b) I really do prefer doing this sort of thing over email, especially initially).

As I write this at 4pm on Friday 4th, not one of them has replied to my business enquiry - which is as pretty close to a hot sales lead as you can get.

I won't name and shame these businesses; but they are not one man bands - they are established names all claiming on their web sites to consist of large teams and proactive staff. I know I'd be disappointed if we at Focus failed to follow up enquiries like this. Colleagues have mentioned this sort of thing before and excuses have included "James deals with enquiries, and he's off sick", or even "I'm not sure who looks after the web site". Not good enough by a long shot, not these days.

So SME's and businesses - having invested in your web site, and probably taken the time to update it with news, and probably paying someone to tweet on your behalf - why not check for a moment and see if anyone is actually dealing with enquiries you might be receiving.

As for me, maybe if I send a fax to those three companies, they'll get in touch....


Simon Newing

Created on Friday September 04 2015 03:09 PM


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