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Our very own blog!

The tireless dedication we lavish on our lucky clients often means that amendments to our own web site take a back seat. Which is why I am so pleased to announce the final arrival of the Focus blog! 

We hope to pack it full of insightful comment and general ramblings regarding the wide world of web development; feature good nights out and the fun things we get invited to; it may even go so far as to supply cake recipes!

The main objective of starting a blog, however, is to create a dialogue between us, our clients, our competitors and just about anyone that happens to be visiting our site.  Comments can be added to any post - and we promise to answer any questions posed.

Feedback on general issues can still be sought via our 'Contact Us' page but go have a look at the blog first!

Simon Newing

Created on Wednesday November 28 2007 12:00 AM


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