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Birthday fun in the name of Cherry D

Charity... Cherry D... geddit?!I’ve found my next addiction:  live auctions! 

Last night Lisa and I joined Cherry D for their 4th birthday celebrations, where salty daiquiris and sumptuous vol-au-vents prepared us for a hugely successful charity auction. 

Although we were keen to bid on a number of items, we soon found ourselves slightly out of depth amongst what appeared to be a sea of seasoned bidders. 

Cherry D had persuaded Richard Madley to preside over the event, an auctioneer experienced both at exciting the crowd and making them eager to part with their cash.  Items donated ranged from the bizarre to luxurious - a ghostly tour of Clifton, a hot air balloon ride and a weekend for two at one of Europe’s most exclusive hotels being just 3 of the 15 lots called.

Over £3,100 was raised in less than an hour but more importantly, many of the charities that Cherry D have helped over the past 4 years were given an opportunity to talk about their recent developments.   Cherry D have clearly made an important impact on Bristol’s 3rd sector, providing practical business skills to people passionate about their respective causes.

Click here to find out more about Cherry D and the charities they support.

Created on Thursday November 29 2007 02:43 PM

Tags: charity

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